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The Gayest Showdown The Gayest Showdown

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm Speechless...

Best. Parody. Ever.

Moonlight Moonlight

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Alright, however...

I was disappointed by the over-use of the typical OoT 'Navi' sounds. Scratch that, I was disappointed by fact there WAS a faerie. True, It might of come fitted with a true, in-depth backstory, but that isn't fooling anyone.

Nice music. Hardcore rock. Not like we've seen THAT before anywhere...

Otherwise, good job. It was short enough for me to stay focused, but long enough to make it interesting.

I was disappointed my the lack of Toploader, however. (Title referance)

Johnny Casanova Johnny Casanova

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Kudos to you for not being affraid of having... (GASP!) A BRITISH ACCENT! I'm not bothered if it's Simon Kegg or Johnny Vegas who voiced this - it was good. I didn't see the humour in it, and, I'm British myself (GASP! OMG, I'M BRITISH AND I DIDN'T FIND IT FUNNEH!11) however, I did see the immense wit and irony put into this. For all of you who doesn't know - Johnny Casavona was an unstoppable sex machine of the Imperial era. Back in 'dem days he wouldn't even even thought to wear a condom - so it is understandable that an apparent 'modern-day' Casavona doesn't know how, either.

Animation-wise, it was good, it was original. The lip-sync was truly off-timing, but otherwise everything ran smoothly. The graphics weren't that special, but they are good enough to tell what's going on. The sound, like I said, was great and clear. No violence, which is always good, because that is immensely over-done on NG.

Good 'un, lad.

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Stick Crisis Stick Crisis

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

It was... alright.

Stick Crisis. Well, if anyone can't see the similarities between "Stick Crisis" and "Time Crisis", they might as well give up on trying to play this game now.

To start with, the instructions were crystal clear and simple, so if anyone hasn't played a game such as this one before, they can pick up on it quickly. That said, the instructions were just about the best thing in the entire game.

The graphics in the pre-loader and main menu were alright. But as soon as I hit 'play', they take a steep decline. Paint-drawn stick men on a half-3D real-life background? They clash. Then there's the random building. You can't go directly from real-life backgrounds to Paint ones and back again. It's like trying to fit a corner piece of a jigsaw into the middle. It doesn't work.

Talking of random, Paint-drawn buildings, where was the storyline? Even a typical shoot-em-up such as Time Crisis has a storyline. Going around, randomly shooting people (who take about fifty bullets to the head before they die, I might die) doesn't really do anything for the player unless they have a goal or reward at the end.

But, despite all this, you seem to have grasped the basic elements of flashing a game. Keep at it, and we'll see one of your games in the top fifty some day.

mazter3000 responds:

this game (stick crisis) is my first creation, that's why it is not perfect... next time I will do it better...

Windows 1,0 Windows 1,0

Rated 3 / 5 stars


It was some nice satirism. Obviously you made this flash just for some funny kicks, and it really isn't supposed to be a proper game at all. But that's fine. The flash is still very nice, even for Windows. There are so many jokes in here that I can't count 'em all (that means there's a lot, by the way. Not that I can't count). I especially liked the: "Don't forget to insert your software." "It's not soft anymore." bit in the porn file.

Overall, it was fresh, original, and witty. I would recomend that everyone should play this game on boring Sunday mornings. Because heck, it's better than T.V (Or your actual Windows).

Well worth my time. Just remember to go over all grammar and spelling before you submit it to NewGrounds.

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Dynasty Street Dynasty Street

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Excellent, even by my standards

I, like everyone else, was a little weary when I first saw that this game was a stick-fighting game. I think everyone can safely say that had deja vu of a simple newbie "flash" which took about two seconds to cook up on Paint. I was especially careful and, quite skeptical when I saw that it involved ninjas.

How wrong I was.

Right from the moment I hit 'play', this animation (and game!) hit me as fast as a shrukien. Showing off the most amazing fight-scenes, the introduction really does show you that this isn't just another stick-battle. It's a new level of stick fighting. These weren't just any old Paint-ed stick men. These were the best stick men I've ever seen. Pulling off the best moves I've ever seen. Using the best weapons I've ever seen in any (yes any!) stick game on NG.

Now, onto the playing the actual game itself.

The three modes of play came as a nice suprise, offering more than one way to go about your business. I was really taken in by the Adventure Mode, despite it being a little too short, it had all sorts of activites to do. And I still can't get enough of beating the 'reds' up with all the different weapons.

Then there's survival. Obviously not the intended feature of the main game, but still a nice little touch. The same goes for tournment, too. Both modes look like they've been ripped from a typical stick fighting game, but they still remain fresh.

Excellent. Except I was disapointed at the lack of muppets. Especially if it's supposedly called "Dynasty Street".

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Psybot - Heaven cries 2008 Psybot - Heaven cries 2008

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow; True trance!